In April 2016 I self-published my first book ‘Flash Fiction Volume One.’ This is available to purchase on my website.

Watch out for ‘Flash Fiction Volume Two,’ due out later this year.

I have been writing since my high school days. In 1975 I completed a correspondence course in Freelance Journalism followed by a Short Story course in 1978. I am a member of Byron Bay Writers Festival, The Qld Writers Centre, the Brisbane Writers Festival and the Society of Women Writers Qld. I am also the Secretary/Treasurer of the Fellowship of Australian Writers Qld.

1. When did you start writing and what made you start to write?
I have always loved to write, English being my favourite subject. I had my first story published in the Brisbane State High School Year Book 1966. I think for me writing was an escape into my own world, a world of the future, of the beach, of scary things of a far away war.

2. Where or when do you feel most inspired- when is your favourite time to write?
I get my inspiration from travelling the world, France, Italy Scotland England Africa, Ireland. The world is full of stories; fairies in Ireland, Camelot in England, the Secrets of the South of France, family stories of Scotland and the wilds of Africa. I love to write when the stories start to flow, whenever that may be.  I write while I am travelling, when I am out at sea, up in the mountains or on safari.

3. Who are your favourite author/s, and why?
My favourite authors are Tony Park, an Australian who writes about Africa. Africa seeps into your blood and cannot be removed.As Danny Archer said in Blood Diamond ‘I’m right where I’m supposed to be…’
‘To the same degree that your understanding of and attitude towards Africa becomes more positive, your understanding of and attitude towards yourself will also become more positive.’ Malcolm X. 

Morgan Llywelyn, New York born with Irish and Welsh ancestry writes glorious Celtic fantasies, stories of Druids, Tuatha de Danann, fae folk. They feed the magic in my soul.

Kathleen McGowan and her Magdalene Line Trilogy – a story that will challenge your beliefs. A story that feels right and if you let it, will profoundly change your life.

4. Do you write with pen and paper or on the computer- or combinations of both?
I write with pencil, pen and paper and laptop. I carry a notebook in my handbag at all times. Whenever I travel my laptop comes along. Thoughts, feelings, ideas fill my books, my notes app on my phone. Always readily available for the day they are needed.

You can read some of my work at or at my Facebook page Virginia’s Inkblurb.

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