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Jim Higgins – president@nullfawq.com.au 


Virginia Miranda – secretary@nullfawq.com.au


Virginia Miranda – treasurer@nullfawq.com.au

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Virginia Miranda – secretary@nullfawq.com.au

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Russell Perry – webmanager@nullfawq.com.au



Michelle Craik – editor@nullfawq.com.au


Rob Morris – poetryeditor@nullfawq.com.au



All other enquiries can be made by email to enquiries@nullfawq.com.au

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9 months ago
Maureen Freer Awards 2020

View the Inaugural Maureen Freer Literary Awards on our You Tube Channel.

The FAWQ presentation of the 2020 Maureen Freer Literary Awards

9 months ago

Great experience for me listening to all the other speakers and interacting with the audience. I hope at least some of those who attended will be inspired to speak next year.

9 months ago

Congratulations to the winners and place getters of the inaugural Maureen Freer Literary Competition. I look forward to reading your entries in SCOPE.

9 months ago
Australian Authors Marketplace

A number of FAWQ members are among the featured books. All are outstanding reads.

We are currently blessed with a great collection of new Memoirs by Australian Authors.
Read the exciting and inspirational stories these authors present.

Great Christmas gift ideas. Click below for ... See more

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