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Virginia Miranda – secretary@nullfawq.com.au


Virginia Miranda – treasurer@nullfawq.com.au

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Virginia Miranda – secretary@nullfawq.com.au

Web Manager

Russell Perry – webmanager@nullfawq.com.au



Michelle Craik – editor@nullfawq.com.au


Rob Morris – poetryeditor@nullfawq.com.au



All other enquiries can be made by email to enquiries@nullfawq.com.au

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11 months ago
Maureen Freer Awards 2020

View the Inaugural Maureen Freer Literary Awards on our You Tube Channel.

The FAWQ presentation of the 2020 Maureen Freer Literary Awards

11 months ago

Great experience for me listening to all the other speakers and interacting with the audience. I hope at least some of those who attended will be inspired to speak next year.

11 months ago

Congratulations to the winners and place getters of the inaugural Maureen Freer Literary Competition. I look forward to reading your entries in SCOPE.

11 months ago
Australian Authors Marketplace

A number of FAWQ members are among the featured books. All are outstanding reads.

We are currently blessed with a great collection of new Memoirs by Australian Authors.
Read the exciting and inspirational stories these authors present.

Great Christmas gift ideas. Click below for ... See more

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