Hi there. I’m Pat Ritter, author/self-publisher of twenty books to date. Click onto my website www.patritter.com.au to view my books. Why not register your name and e-mail address at the bottom to receive a regular update with my writing.

1. When did you start writing and what made you start to write?

At 14 years old my English teacher Mr Imoff told me I had a gift for writing because I wrote the way I spoke which was unique. I didn’t understand anything he told me. Twenty years later Bob O’Sullivan, a lecturer at college told me exactly these same words. Either person didn’t know one another. At the time, I studied ‘Behaviour’ a subject to enhance my work skills.

My work at the time, Detective Sergeant 2/c in charge of Juvenile Aid Bureau, Petrie in Brisbane in Queensland Police Service. Many teenagers ‘ran away from home’. Until I studied ‘Behaviour’ I had no idea on how to deal with this important community issue.

After learning these new skills Bob taught me I implemented them in the workplace. I discovered Parents lacked the skills in communicating with their teenage child. After establishing this fact, I began to help those parents improve their skills in this area with huge success.

Bob became so impressed he wanted us to write a book. ‘Closing The Gap’ became the book: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/52861. The rest is history.

2. Where or when do you feel most inspired- when is your favourite time to write?

At home in my office. I live in the bush. Nothing to annoy me. Look from my office window to see bush, noise of birds, animals. Surreal setting for my workplace. I write and publish a novel annually. Daily I write to keep abreast of my goals.

3. Who are your favourite author/s, and why?

Bryce Courtenay became my first favourite author followed by many Australian authors. Now I follow Indie Authors from across the globe particularly when I read a great story they’ve written and published. When I read, my mind goes to the place where I imagine the author sat when writing the story.

4. Do you write with pen and paper or on the computer- or combinations of both?

Use computer. With e-book publication being the way it is I find writing the story directly in the format of e-book is easier. With today’s technology, especially an e-book format, much easier to write and publish.

All my books are available from www.patritter.com.au, Smashwords and Amazon. I’m also found online at Facebook, YouTube and Instrgram,