How quickly it comes … life’s twilight.

Youth has waned, it seems in just a blink.

Whilst youth is yours you think not of twilight.

Life is endless. “Old” is far away. Not your concern.

Now questions stalk your secret moments…

What light remains? When will night come?

Have I a summer twilight, with long, enduring light?

Or twilight as in winter. Darkness coming quickly?

It matters not if winter, for I will be memory.

Is there more? Will I be back this way again?

Oh let the stories be true. Let me return endlessly.

To witness things yet to come, to right wrongs,

Learn lessons yet unlearned.

But enough! Cease this misery.

Think not of death, but of life, waste not precious time.

Live among the young. Soar on their wings.

Spend time yet to come well, not in regret.

Find your joys, dwell on them, pursue them,

spend each day among them.

Discard regret, stress, procrastination.

Accumulate fun.

Anticipating a joy each day, brings light.

If joy is not anticipated, create it.

Forever seek life’s light,

Night is far off … revel in the daylight.

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10 months ago
Maureen Freer Awards 2020

View the Inaugural Maureen Freer Literary Awards on our You Tube Channel.

The FAWQ presentation of the 2020 Maureen Freer Literary Awards

10 months ago

Great experience for me listening to all the other speakers and interacting with the audience. I hope at least some of those who attended will be inspired to speak next year.

10 months ago

Congratulations to the winners and place getters of the inaugural Maureen Freer Literary Competition. I look forward to reading your entries in SCOPE.

11 months ago
Australian Authors Marketplace

A number of FAWQ members are among the featured books. All are outstanding reads.

We are currently blessed with a great collection of new Memoirs by Australian Authors.
Read the exciting and inspirational stories these authors present.

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