Widely published in other mediums, Julie Hyndman’s first book of poetry, Pushing Shadows, explores life, love and loss. Described as ‘life in words’ her poems create an emotional image in the readers mind, evoking a physical response- the reader can’t help but feel the words.

When did you start writing and what made you start to write?

I started writing eighteen years ago, when our two boys were little as a way of keeping my brain stimulated. The tutor in the writing class I joined, gave out individual exercises, weekly homework and a term project- I became prolific at writing to all the prompts.

Where or when do you feel most inspired- when is your favourite time to write?

My brain says the best time to write is about 3am, and I do give in to it; I sit up and write, sometimes for an hour and a half, about whatever has woken me in the first place- this might become a story, a poem, or simply a piece of writing, it seems all of these midnight scribblings become something quite good, so I keep going.

Who are your favourite author/s, and why?

Clive James, Les Murray, Bruce Dawe, Janet Frame are a few of my favourites. I can hear their voice inside the words; if you weren’t aware of the author when you opened the book, you’d be able to tell from reading it; that’s powerful writing.

Do you write with pen and paper or on the computer- or combinations of both?

I always begin with hand written notes, often then into second and third drafts- the mind works better with the pen, keeping up with thought. I love watching words flow across the page. Typing up on the computer comes later, at the editing stage.

To buy her book-  www.juliehyndmanauthor.com/buy

And to read more about the author  – juliehyndman.com/2016/11/14/once-a-poem  and www.facebook.com/juliehyndmanauthor

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