I was born in Slovenia in 1949 and lived in Paris, Rome, London, Geneva and Barcelona till 1974 when I came to Australia for a few years. I then returned to work in Paris and finally migrated to Australia in 1979. I have been a member of AFW in different states for the last 30 years. I have a letter form Morris L West on my wall-we met in 1991, and he encouraged me to continue writing. I have most of his books.

  1. When did you start writing and what made you start to write?
    I started to write at 18, when I had my first work published in a youth magazine in Europe. I have had two books published in Australia and my short stories and poetry are included in many anthologies here and overseas.
  2. Where or when do you feel most inspired – when is your favourite time to write?
    During my 45 years of writing, I make notes anywhere, especially out in the nature, and then write on my computer at home.
  3. Who are your favourite author/s, and why?
    I don’t have favourite authors, depending on my mood, I will read Agatha Christie or Tolstoy or Cankar…I just love to read. I do like books that are written in rich, descriptive language, so it is a pleasure to read, not just action. I also read in French and Italian and lately, I like books by other migrants and refugees because I can learn about other cultures and their lifestyles, about the world.
  4. Do you write with pen and paper or on the computer- or combinations of both?


Both Hideaway Serenade and Whisper are out of print but can be found in libraries.
Works can also be found on the AustLit website, and more information can be found by googling Danijela Hlis.


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