FAWQ Management Committee


Jim Higgins – president@nullfawq.com.au 


Virginia Miranda – secretary@nullfawq.com.au


Virginia Miranda – treasurer@nullfawq.com.au

Membership Secretary

Virginia Miranda – secretary@nullfawq.com.au

Web Manager

Russell Perry – webmanager@nullfawq.com.au



Michelle Craik – editor@nullfawq.com.au


Rob Morris – poetryeditor@nullfawq.com.au



All other enquiries can be made by email to enquiries@nullfawq.com.au

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2 weeks ago
Monthly Mayhem September

We can’t wait to see what you do with this month’s theme: Checkmate. So it is time to get writing and see what you come up with.

2 weeks ago
Essential tools for the short story writer - online

Join Lauren Daniels and Carolyn Martinez to learn the secrets of short story writing.

3 weeks ago
Room to Dream Program

FREE & Online · Watch Now

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